Antonio Spitaletta

The art of cameo is part of the family tradition, perpetuated by three generation, from father and son.

As a child the age of twelve he began his first steps in the art of coral and cameos, and in the art of painting.

It 'was a student of professor of engraving Alfredo De Paola.

He studied sculpture at the Fine Arts Academy of Naples.

He was a pupil of the master painter Enzo Prestileo.

Over the years he has participated in several exhibitions both in the art of cameo, that in painting and sculpture.

The cameos were appreciated all over the world

He has participated in exhibitions in Cameo

Museum Hermitage S Pietroburg.

Fine portrait he made a portrait of cameo Salvo D'Acquisto for the beatification, presented to Pope John Paul II

The philosophy is the basic building block of the paintings.

Finding strength through his studies of philosophy at (the university of Salerno) where he graduated.

The favorite philosopher St. Augustine.

Permanent exhibition in the art workshop address borgo SS apostoli 4r Florence